Home Zone: Naughty or nice, Sin in Linen will fill the bill
Dec 14,2007 00:00 by Maggie_Reed

Great ideas arise from great friends ... and a shot or two of whiskey along the way certainly doesn't hurt.

"The idea came from whiskey with friends, of course," said Sandy Glaze, inventor of Sin in Linen.

WHIMSICAL - Cuddle up with these pinups from the '40s, perfect for anyone with a special style. CNS Photo courtesy of Doug Ogle. 
HEARTFELT - Designer Sandy Glaze has a special take on making up the bed. CNS Photo courtesy of Doug Ogle. 
WHAT'S WRONG HERE? - Help diagnose a problem in your engine using the RIDGID SeeSnake camera. CNS Photo courtesy of RIDGID. 
RIDGID TOOLS - See it, find it and solve it with the SeeSnake inspection camera. CNS Photo courtesy of RIDGID. 
"I was in between jobs and I needed to do something for myself," said Glaze. She was looking for linens, towels, kitchen stuff.

"All I found were pastels and those geese with the ribbons tied around their neck. There were tons of those," Glaze said. "I got really sick of those."

They weren't her and they weren't her friends.

She wanted something to stand out ... to sparkle ... to have a presence.

Born in Hawaii and raised in Hermosa Beach, Calif., the 38-year-old wanted something new.

Given the fact that she has toured with her boyfriend's rock band - the Meat Puppets - and has herself been involved in punk rock, skateboarding, surfing and now is a member of the Rat City Roller Girls roller derby team, it's not all that surprising to see how her designs incorporate her persona.

Whether you're naughty or nice this season, Glaze has something for you ... from pillows to sheets and duvets to shower curtains and even place mats and potholders.

"I finally feel satisfied, fulfilled and am expressing my own will," she said from her Seattle home. "I am working tireless hours now. I schooled myself. I made a business plan and I got serious." She even went so far as to travel to India to learn about cotton weaving.

Items are designed to be a bit edgy, and flirty, but not dirty ... including pin-up girls, skulls and hearts and daggers.

Prices range from $8 for potholders to $119 for queen-sized bedding.

For more information, call 206-935-2079 or visit www.sininlinen.com.


You know something's wrong somewhere, but where?

The RIGID SeeSnake micro inspection camera will let you know. To help frustrated homeowners literally see in the dark, this camera is the first professional-grade adjustable mini-cam capable of seeing inside, underneath and in-between the toughest places to reach.

"Everyone is looking for ways to save time and reduce frustration," said Brian Harvanec, visual inspection product manager for RIDGID. "The SeeSnake micro inspection camera takes away the guesswork and uncertainty by showing users a clear picture of that hard-to-see place ... ultimately providing a much faster path to the solution."

A high-resolution camera is attached to a 3-foot cable that users control manually. The camera sends images to a color LCD screen that sits on top of the tool's handle. The camera is equipped with two fully adjustable LEDs, easily controlled by a knob on the grip allowing the user to have proper lighting in any situation.

Each SeeSnake come with three separate attachments that twist and lock into place on the camera head to make the device even more useful:

- Hook Tip: A sturdy, J-shaped extension that can be used to tug, pull or pick up small objects or wires within reach of the snake.

- Magnetic Tip: A small, powerful magnet handy for picking up metal objects in confined spaces.

- Mirror Tip: This little mirror lets you look around corners in the tightest of spaces and inside of others that are hard to reach.

The SeeSnake is portable, durable and fits easily into most toolboxes. It weighs just over a pound and four AA batteries are included to power the camera for up to three hours of continuous viewing time.

Retailing at $239, the attachments, camera, tool and batteries all come in a durable carrying case. Three-foot extension cables can be purchased separately to extend the reach of the tool up to 30 feet. Cables can also be formed to different shapes so you can get the camera head exactly where you need it.

For more information, call 800-4RIDGID (800-474-3443) or visit www.ridgid.com/seesnakemicro.

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