Stove caused fire that killed 4 children
Dec 17,2007 00:00 by UPI
KETCHIKAN, Alaska -- Police blamed unattended cooking for a deadly Ketchikan, Alaska, fire that killed four siblings, ages 3 to 17.

Four of Lodivinia Credito's five children died over the weekend of smoke inhalation due to the Saturday morning fire. the ded were identified as Kristinenoell Credito Harris, 3; Denbert Credito, 5; Alysha Credito, 12; and Debertson Bertolano, 17, the Anchorage Daily News said. A fifth child, age 14, was at a friend's home during the blaze.

The fire began on a kitchen stove early Saturday, when Lodivinia Credito was at work. Her brother-in-law, Jeff Williams, was the only adult in the home, and he escaped through a window. A disabled man and his service dog in the basement apartment also escaped, the Daily News said. The four children, however, were trapped upstairs, and flames had engulfed the duplex by the time firefighters arrived.

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