Fed up with Negative Campaigning
Nov 02,2006 00:00 by Scott_Staats

I don’t know about you, but I am fed up with the negative campaigning in our country and in our state. Politicians seem to be adopting a “Survivor” attitude of kicking someone off the island instead of telling us why they should remain on the island. Take for example the governor’s race.

(First off, for the record, I should state that I have no political affiliation because I am sick of both parties playing to corporate America and not we the people. If there ever was a time for optional political parties, it’s now).

I have been receiving continual ads in the mail from Ron Saxton that have two to three of his four-page pamphlet doing nothing but criticizing the current governor. Despite contacting his ad campaign to quit sending this mail, it continues. We need to send a message to everyone running for political office: Continue your negative campaigning and you will not get my vote.