New spay, neuter donation option now on County dog license forms
Dec 21,2007 00:00 by Bend_Weekly_News_Sources

Deschutes County dog owners now have the option of donating to local spay and neuter programs when they purchase or renew their dog licenses.  A new voluntary donation program initiated by the County aims to raise funds for area spay and neuter programs, and the money donated will benefit spay and neuter programs in the form of County grants.

Dog owners can now make their donations on the same form used to purchase or renew a dog license. Revised dog license applications are available at local veterinarian offices, Humane Society locations or the Deschutes County Finance office. The dog licensing forms are also available online.

The benefits of dog spaying and neutering include:

1.                  A reduction in animal overpopulation-spaying and neutering prevents pet homelessness and unplanned litters.

2.                  Improves animal behavior such as fighting, spraying, roaming, and aggression.

3.                  Healthier and happier pets-Spaying and neutering reduces dominant behavior and pets become more affectionate.

The revised dog license forms have also been mailed to all veterinarian offices and pet supply stores. Monthly County dog license renewal notices also contain the new information.

Five clinics have agreed to offer the convenient dog licensing service and Deschutes County seeks additional offices to participate in the program. There is no cost to the veterinarian office for offering the service, and offices are provided with staff training and supplies before they begin issuing dog licenses. Veterinarian offices may call 383-4399 if interested in selling dog licenses to the public.

Dog owners can currently purchase dog licenses at the following veterinary offices:

Cinder Rock Veterinary Clinic

2630 S. Canal

Redmond, OR 97756

Companion Pet Clinic of Bend

3197 N. Hwy. 97, A-1

Bend, OR 97701

Deschutes Veterinary Clinic

25 NW Olney Ave.

Bend, OR 97701

La Paw Animal Hospital

1288 SW Simpson Ave.

Bend, OR 97701

Blue Sky Veterinary Clinic

20205 Powers Road #103

Bend, OR 97702

For additional information about the Deschutes County dog licensing process, spay and neuter donation option, or to offer dog licensing through a local veterinarian office, please call 541-388-6637.