Minivans do poorly in crash tests
Dec 21,2007 00:00 by UPI
ARLINGTON, Va. -- Tests of six 2008 U.S. minivans have found that minor crashes can cause severe damage, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety said Thursday.

The crash tests aimed to show how well the bumpers were designed to resist impact. The Nissan Quest was the worst performer, sustaining $8,000 in damage.

"These minivans don't have the worst bumpers we've tested, but they still allow way too much damage in minor impacts. It's damage that consumers shouldn't have to pay for or put up with the aggravation of having to get their vehicles repaired," Joe Nolan, a senior vice president at the institute, said.

The minivans were put through four crash tests designed to simulate the low-speed crashes that would take place in parking lots and traffic jams. All sustained damage that would cost at least $5,000 to fix.

The tests included front and rear full-width tests at 6 mph and front and rear corner impact tests at 3 mph.

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