BendBroadband Launches Advanced ‘On Demand’ Service
Nov 03,2006 00:00 by Bend Weekly News Sources

Deployment  Encodes Broadcast Programs to VOD in Real Time

BendBroadband is taking a leading role in Network Personal Video Recording (nPVR) with the launch of  advanced On Demand service to Bend customers. The service, available October 30, utilizes a patented real-time encoding and playback technology to offer broadcast programs on the On Demand platform with full PVR capability from the time the scheduled program begins.

The deployment with BendBroadband marks the launch of the new Local On Demand Packager (LODP) which manages the ingest and metadata entry of real-time content. The LODP platform and video server combine to enable nPVR capability. The system is ideally suited for local programming, sports events and highlights, and other live events, and scales from a single program to as many as the operator decides to offer. The recorded programming can also remain on the video on demand system for the convenience of digital cable subscribers. The Bend deployment currently includes local news with plans for additional content including high school sports, cooking shows, city council meetings, and public broadcasting programs.

"C-COR is a long time partner of BendBroadband in providing advanced On Demand video services to our customers,” said Amy Tykeson, CEO, BendBroadband. "The immediate availability and time-shifting of locally-produced content to the On Demand menu -- without waiting until the program is completed -- is a compelling differentiator that we feel brings additional value to our subscribers.”

"By adding our real-time encoding and playback solution to our existing video servers, operators such as Bend are able to upgrade to network PVR cost effectively today,” said Michael Pohl, president Global Strategies, C-COR. “Operators now have the ability to broadcast live programs with full On Demand functionality from a platform that scales from a single program to as many as they can offer.”

C-COR's Local On Demand Packager is part of the company’s On Demand platform that uniquely offers capabilities to stream video on demand, insert digital advertising, and deliver advertising on demand and switched digital video.

About BendBroadband

BendBroadband is a privately owned, Oregon-based company serving Central Oregon since 1955 with a variety of services including: Home and business phone service, HDTV, basic cable, digital cable, high-speed Internet service and local programming. The company is dedicated to providing quality communication, entertainment and customer service to Central Oregonians. For further information, please contact BendBroadband customer service department or visit their website at