Russian officials opose missle shield
Dec 24,2007 00:00 by UPI
MOSCOW -- Russia's Foreign Ministry spokesman said Monday a United States missile defense base in central Europe would weaken Moscow's nuclear prevention.

"If a radar (system in the Czech Republic) along with missiles in Poland are deployed, this will be a military operation -- to weaken Russia's nuclear deterrent potential," said Mikhail Kamynin. "We will have no other option but to take measures to make up for this new factor in our strategic balance of forces with the United States."

Kamynin went on to cite from a recent newspaper interview in which Czech Foreign Minister Karel Schwarzenberg said it would be logical for the United States to monitor Russian territory.

"Such statements by Czech leaders show that talk about a missile threat from Iran is ungrounded. Czech diplomats are telling things like they are, revealing the true goal behind the Third (missile defense) Site in Europe -- a threat supposedly emanating from Russia," Kamynin said.

American officials argue that the defense system is needed to counter missile attacks from "rogue" states.

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