Indonesia looks ahead 3-yrs after tsunami
Dec 26,2007 00:00 by UPI
JAKARTA -- Indonesia marked the third anniversary of the tsunami that wiped out thousands of acres and killed more than 225,000 with renewed reconstruction efforts.

The Multidonor Fund, a World Bank program established to organize international tsunami aid, plans to extend its tenure from 2010 to 2012 to help the government become more self-sufficient, Voice of America said Wednesday.

International efforts produced upwards of 100,000 new homes and estimates suggest an additional 20,000 will be built by April 2008.

Nia Sarinastiti with the Multidonor Fund says the effort now is on establishing a self-sufficient program with local governments.

"We are preparing what we call a transitional phase to help them be able to manage, operate and maintain the assets that are being left," Sarinastiti said.

The effort in Indonesia's Aceh province, the hardest hit region, is handicapped as the area struggles to overcome decades of internal conflict that ended in 2005.

Officials with the Executing Agency of Rehabilitation and Reconstruction, or BRR, said the conflict left the region unprepared for the post-war environment and hope training and rehabilitation programs will help residents of Aceh cope.

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