At least 46 dead in Kenya voting violence
Dec 31,2007 00:00 by UPI
NAIROBI, Kenya -- Weekend election violence related to Kenya's disputed presidential election killed at least 46 people, local media reported Monday.

The body count was given for the western city of Kisumu, home of defeated opposition challenger Raila Odinga, local media told CNN.

Unrest after Sunday's announcement that incumbent President Mwai Kibaki was returned to power continued Monday in Nairobi, where police used tear gas and fired warning shots over protesters' heads, the report said.

Throughout the country, there were reports of protesters torching buildings and vehicles amid widespread claims the vote had been rigged. European Union election observers voiced doubts about the legitimacy of the final count, which favored Kibaki, 4,584,721 votes to 4,352,993.

In a bid to slow the unrest, Kibaki Sunday ordered state television broadcasts shut down, which carried over into Monday, the report said.

Five years ago, he won by a landslide based on a platform of eliminating corruption, but his tenure has been marred by numerous corruption scandals, the report said.

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