Bulgaria police seize 132 pounds of heroin
Dec 31,2007 00:00 by UPI
SOFIA, Bulgaria -- Bulgarian police seized 132 pounds of heroin and arrested four people, one a former customs official, a prosecutor said.

The arrests were made at the Kapitan Andreevo crossing point at the border with Turkey Saturday, Bulgarian prosecutor Dicho Atanassov said.

A police officer was slightly injured when the arrests were made, the SNA news agency reported.

A Serbian, Budimir Kujovic, and three Bulgarians, including the former customs official, were charged with drug trafficking, SNA reported.

. Bulgarian police said Kujovic had a record of drug dealing in Bulgaria, and they suspected he was the leader of the group.

Kujovic escaped at one point but was later caught in the central Bulgarian town of Plovdiv, said Kalin Georgiev, a police chief in charge of fighting organized crime.

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