Seattle fireworks survive computer glitch
Jan 02,2008 00:00 by UPI
SEATTLE -- Revelers in Seattle got bonus fireworks time as 2008 began thanks to a computer glitch.

The three-man crew running the Pyro Spectaculars show worked manually after they realized the computer program was corrupted, a spokeswoman for the Space Needle said. That meant the fireworks were not in sync with the music, although viewers got both, the Seattle Post-Intelligencer said.

"The whole show was supposed to last 8 1/2 minutes and it went for

11 1/2 minutes," Mary Bacarella said.

Dennis Bozung of Tacoma was watching the New Year's fireworks for the seventh time.

"Besides the manual detonation, they still had a good show," he said. "I like the big one that launched off the top of the Space Needle. That's what everyone was waiting for and they still got it off."

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