Iowa caucus campaigning in overdrive
Jan 03,2008 00:00 by UPI
DES MOINES, Iowa -- Campaign workers for most of the U.S. presidential hopefuls were manning the 1,781 sites of caucuses in Iowa Thursday.

The site of the country's first vote toward selecting Democratic and Republican candidates for president traditionally has low voter turnout, CNN reported. The state Democratic Party said 124,000 people participated in the 2004 caucuses. U.S. President George Bush was unopposed that year, but in 2000 Iowa caucuses, 87,000 Republicans took part.

Two Republican contenders bypassed Iowa -- former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani and Sen. John McCain of Arizona. Giuliani has said he's focusing more on Feb. 5, when more than 20 states conduct primaries, while McCain set his focus on winning Tuesday's primary in New Hampshire, the report said.

Among Democrats, Sen. Hillary Clinton of New York has themed her campaign on change in Washington. Her front-running opponents, Sen. Barack Obama of Illinois and former Sen. John Edwards of North Carolina are countering by saying Clinton's former role as first lady has made her too much of an insider.

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