McCann parents back to suspect status
Jan 03,2008 00:00 by UPI
LISBON, Portugal -- Portuguese police investigating the disappearance of a British girl have placed her parents back on their list as prime suspects, the Daily Mail said Thursday.

Madeleine McCann disappeared from a family rental villa in Praia da Luz May 3 just days before her fourth birthday while her parents were out for dinner.

Gerry and Kate McCann, both 39, have repeatedly denied any knowledge of what happened to the girl, but Portuguese prosecutors said in a new court filing the couple are back to being considered prime suspects, the newspaper said.

The Correio da Manha newspaper said police would request re-interviewing the couple and their friends.

Antonio Martins, the president of the National Union of Portuguese Judges, issued a statement saying the investigation could last for many years.

"The problem is that no one knows what type of crime was committed," he said. "If it was homicide, the investigation can only be shelved after 20 years, if it was kidnapping, 15 years."

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