Five arrested in Redmond sex offender sweep
Jan 04,2008 00:00 by Bend_Weekly_News_Sources

During the month of December, officers from the Redmond Police Department conducted a sex offender sweep.  The sweep consisted of contacting registered sex offenders within the city limits to verify and update information, and to take appropriate action – including arresting five offenders – who are found to be “out of compliance”.

According to a news release prepared by Officer Dexter L. Dickson, the number of sex offenders changed slightly due to offenders being released from offender status and new offenders registering. 

Of the 81 offenders in Redmond, 68 were found to be in compliance, 4 offenders were not able to be contacted (no evidence of non-compliance), 3 warrants were requested for offenders who were out of compliance and 5 arrests were made. 

Of the 5 arrests, one offender missed his court date and was arrested for failing to appear in court.  It was also determined one of the offenders was deceased, Dixon added.

The Redmond Police Department will be continuing sex offender sweeps to keep in touch with local sex offenders and to gain voluntary compliance.