Fatah: Hamas using 'human shields' in Gaza
Jan 04,2008 00:00 by UPI
RAMALLAH, West Bank -- Leaders of the Palestinian Fatah Party claimed Hamas militants put detainees in Gaza outposts likely to be hit by Israeli airstrikes.

Fahmi Zarir, a Fatah spokesman, accused Hamas of leaving Fatah detainees in outposts that had been evacuated by its own fighters, Ynetnews reported.

Abdullah Kishta, a 27-year-old Fatah member who left Gaza after the Hamas takeover, was arrested Wednesday after he returned from Egypt hidden in a group of pilgrims. Fatah said that Kishta was killed in an Israeli attack on Tel Sultan and that his body was taken to a hospital with his limbs still bound.

Zarir said that Kishta and seven others arrested at the same time were used as "human shields."

Hamas drove Fatah out of Gaza last year, splitting the area from the West Bank ideologically as well as geographically.

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