Polish miners move strike underground
Jan 04,2008 00:00 by UPI
WARSAW, Poland (UPI) -- Some 150 striking coal miners in southern Poland's Silesia region entered the pits to join 12 other miners in an underground protest.

Union leaders said the miners decided to continue their strike underground to dramatize their demands, Polish Radio reported Friday. The 12 miners went into the pits before Christmas.

Miners of the state-controlled Budryk coal mine in the Silesia region went on strike in mid-December demanding raises to equal salaries earned by miners of the Jastrzebska coal mine, which is to incorporate the Budryk operation this year.

The management argued this wasn't feasible because the Bodryk coal production was lower than that of the Jastrzebska mine.

The Jastrzebska mine is part of the state-run Weglowa Co. mines, Europe's largest coal producer, which employs more than 63,000 workers in 16 coal mines.

Management representatives agreed to meet some of the miners' requests but didn't accept the miners' full demand of pay increase of about 20 percent in 2008.

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