Two Redmond Middle School Children Cited for Separate Bomb Threats
Nov 08,2006 00:00 by Cheryl McDermott

Two students of Obsidian Middle School in Redmond were arrested and cited into Deschutes County Juvenile Division when they admitted to writing bomb threats in the school bathrooms, said police.  The two incidents occurred within a ten day period.

On October 27, Redmond Police officers were called to the Redmond middle school around 2:30 p.m. after staff found one of the threats written on the wall in the boys’ bathroom.  Police evacuated the building as a precautionary measure, although no bomb was found during a thorough search.

According to Officer Craig Unger, a Redmond Police officer assigned to the School Resource Office (SRO) Division, ten days later a 12-year old male seventh grade student admitted to writing the threat during a meeting with his parent and school officials.

On November 7, almost identical circumstances occurred when “I have a bomb” was found in the girls’ bathroom.  The school was once again evacuated and a thorough search failed to turn up any explosive device.  During the search, a student told one of the School Resource Officers the identity of a 13-year old girl whom he suspected of making the threat.  The girl confessed during questioning.

Both children were charged with initiating a false report, third-degree criminal mischief, and first-degree disorderly conduct, said Officer Unger.  They were also suspended from school pending expulsion hearings, per school and district policy.