Woman sues Dodgers over parking lot punch
Jan 09,2008 00:00 by UPI
LOS ANGELES -- A Los Angeles Dodgers fan is asking the team for $1 million, saying lax security contributed to a parking lot punch that left her blind in one eye.

Marta Parra Helenius, 31, was blinded in one eye by a punch from Denis Ordaz, 27, who was sentenced last year to 270 days in jail, the Los Angeles Times said. Jurors Tuesday heard testimony in Helenius's claim that the Dodgers security failed to protect her from the assault.

Security inside the stadium had earlier moved Helenius and her party away from Ordaz after taunting began over team loyalties.

"The Dodgers could have easily prevented this tragedy, by detaining Ordaz long enough, by escorting our group out, by following their own manual," Helenius' lawyer, David R. Glickman, told jurors, the Times said.

Dodgers lawyer Jerome Jackson said while the team regrets the injuries, its security system is extensive, and it cannot guarantee protection against actions by criminals, the newspaper said.

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