Bend Weekly Announces June 1st Inaugural Publication Date
May 24,2006 00:00 by Bend Weekly Staff

It's often said the three most important words in real estate are "location, location, and location."  Well, here at Bend Weekly, we believe the three most important words in journalism are "local, local, and local."

Or you might say our mission is to put the word "community" back into "community journalism."

Readers will soon be able to decide for themselves if we accomplished our mission, because Bend Weekly will make its much-anticipated debut Thursday, June 1st, at selected newsstands throughtout the area.

Our belief is it's impossible for any publication, daily or non-daily, to cover a thriving, vibrant and growing community like Bend at the level it deserves if most of its copy space is devoted to regional, national and international news.  Now, we're not knocking this.  But our eyes -- and our stories will validate this -- will be focused squarely on the local scene.

What our readers will quickly learn is that Bend Weekly is the source for the latest on local news, local sports, local events, local entertainment, and local politics.  Want solid investigative articles that explain precisely how decisions made by city and county officials affect you and your family?  Then read Bend Weekly.  Want to read a movie critic that lives in Bend instead of Chicago?  Read Bend Weekly.  Want to know what family-style activities are on tap this weekend?  You know the drill.

We will need help, at least in the immediate future, if we are to accomplish our goal with our first press runs.  Specifically, we are recruiting local residents who are committed to writing regular columns on topics in which they have expertise.  Examples of such topics include entertainment, outdoors, gardening, holistic and general health, and pet care.  Freelance writers and photographers are also needed.  Write us by using the contact form on this web site with a letter of interest and include samples of your work.  Long-term relationships are possible.

So much is written about target audiences and demographics that it's easy to forget there's room for publications that celebrate our similarities.  Cast Bend Weekly in this category.  We are a family-oriented, mainstream publication ... and proud of that fact.

Stay tuned to this web site for up-to-date information on where you can pick up your copy of Deschutes County's newest publication, Bend Weekly.  Other information will be made available on this site as well.