Home Zone: Bring on the flock for all
Dec 28,2007 00:00 by Maggie_Reed

To flock or not to flock.

Flock ... and bring the panache of antique flock back to the home.

FLOCKTO IT - Once only for aristocrats, Graham & Brown makes flocked wallpaper affordable for all. CNS Photo courtesy of Graham & Brown. 
PIROUETTE - Soft horizontal fabric vanes attached to a single sheer backing allow for enhanced views to the outside and the beauty of fabric on the inside with Pirouette window shadings. CNS Photo courtesy of Hunter Douglas. 
Dating from the 17th century, flocked wallpaper was once seen only on aristocratic walls. Now, thanks to Graham & Brown, it's affordable for all.

"With the return of flocked wallpaper, retro has officially come full circle," said interior designer Elaine Griffin.

"This go-round takes flocked wallpaper, a skyrocketing trend, to a whole new level. The flocked texture, color and pattern adds a visual one-two punch for incomparably dramatic walls that are easy to achieve. These aren't your granny's walls: they're dynamic and statement-making, the perfect counterpoint to stylish, modern interiors," Griffin said.

The response to the spring introduction of "Flock Effect Wallpaper" was so successful that Graham & Brown kept going.

"We are now adding four new designs featuring a mix of color palettes from dramatic red, black and purples to soothing beige and white," said David Kalus, senior marketing manager.

The new introductions are:

Divine - This bold floral brings an opulent look to any wall. Available in black on white, white on soft blue, chocolate on cream, black on silver, red on beige and black on beige.

Muse - This art deco-style, large tulip design will certainly add elegance to any room. Available in black on charcoal, charcoal on silver, red on beige, cream on gold and white on sky blue.

Sonnet - A large-scale motif designed to add poetry to homes everywhere. Available in silver on blue, pink on gold, black on silver, silver on white and yellow on taupe.

Stria - These versatile stripes are designed to complement many of the other Flock designs. Available in beige and black, black and white, shades of beige, beige and white, and brown and putty.

Rolls retail for $40 and each roll covers 56 square feet.

For more information, call 800-554-0887 or visit www.grahambrown.com.


The personality of window shadings has been enhanced with a totally new concept in light control: Pirouette window shading from Hunter Douglas.

Featuring soft adjustable horizontal fabric vanes attached to a single sheer backing, these shades control light in a whole new way.

With the pull of the operating cord, textured fabric in a palette of colors transforms from what appears to be cascading folds to contoured vanes, allowing an enhanced view of the outside through the sheer backing.

When opened, the top and bottom of each vane shift closer together in the back, creating a soft outward fold and allowing light to filter in through the fabric. When closed, the vanes slide into a flattened position for excellent light blockage and a smooth look.

Vanes can also be partially raised for a gently contoured look that still maintains privacy, or adjusted to different levels between the open and closed positions for variable light control. Pirouette window shading is available in two opacities - semi-opaque and room-darkening. They come in two vane sizes - 4-inch petite and 5-inch grand - and can fit windows up to 10-feet wide and 10-feet high.

Three textured fabric styles - crepe, linen and satin - are offered in a variety of colors for a total of 44 fabric/color combinations.

They also offer superior ultraviolet light protection, blocking 86 percent of UV rays when vanes are open and 99 percent when closed. They are a breeze to clean, with only light feather dusting needed in most cases, and come with a lifetime limited warranty.

"With the introduction of Pirouette window shading, Hunter Douglas continues to pioneer the category of custom window fashions and to give consumers what they crave - fashion-forward, functional products that allow them to manage their home's greatest natural resource - sunlight," said Amy Gagliano, Hunter Douglas brand manager for Pirouette shadings.

For more information, call 800-274-2985 or visit www.hunterdouglas.com.

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