Home Zone: An easy and affordable way to change things up
Jan 04,2008 00:00 by Maggie_Reed

Decorating a home should be a fun and ongoing process, not a lifelong commitment to the same old look.

TABLE TOPPER - Change the look of your table anytime you want with GILA Window Film. CNS Photo courtesy of GILA Film Products. 
PRESTO CHANGO - Turn a glass tray or picture frame into a coffee table or dining room centerpiece with GILA Window Film. Wrap a glass vase with film for added elegance. CNS Photo courtesy of GILA Film Products. 
"Refreshing the look of a room is as important as refreshing your wardrobe," said Laura Day of the television show "Trading Spaces" on TLC. "The look of a home should change with your life - by the season, by the mood and by necessity."

One easy way to do this is with window film.

GILA Window Film is ideal for home decorators who want to express themselves. It applies easily for a simple, quick change for most clean glass surfaces. When another creative idea comes along, it is easily removable.

Not only does window film enhance the look of your home, it can also be used to block out unwanted outside views and provide privacy. It blocks up to 99 percent of ultraviolet rays to help protect your furnishings.

"Window treatments, especially window film, can have a powerful impact on a room," Day said. "GILA Window Film offers simplicity and streamlined design that make for a sophisticated interior. GILA allows home decorators to personalize the look of a room on a budget."

And it doesn't have to just be your windows. Use your imagination.

"By adding window film to the glass of picture frames, a room can take on an entirely new look and feel. With a roll of window film, a plain glass table can be transformed into something unique in just minutes," Day said.

Window film can also be used to dress up a bathroom vanity or placed on cupboards to camouflage what's stored within. In a pinch, place some on the table as place mats or wrap a glass vase to fit the occasion.

The film can simulate many custom glass looks, including stained glass, textured or etched, and it is available in a multitude of designs.

The film also comes in several sizes that can be cut easily to custom-fit a variety of glass and window surfaces. Rolls cost $17-$30 each or about $1 a square foot.

For more information, call 800-528-4481 or visit www.gilafilms.com.


Kiss stress goodbye with Moentrol shower systems.

"Research has shown that consumers want more functionality to create a robust, spalike experience," said Mike Reffner, Moen senior product manager.

"The Moentrol shower system gives the flexibility to provide an easy-to-install and reasonably priced vertical spa option."

We just want more in a shower these days - handheld shower heads, body sprays and rain showers.

Moentrol's pressure-balancing volume-control valves deliver the water coverage, force and flow everyone seems to want. The three-function valve allows for two dedicated functions and one shared function. The user can choose to have both a shower head and a hand shower or a shower head and body sprays running at the same time.

For added convenience, it has a temperature memory. Keep the temperature dial in the same position from your last shower and it will return to that temp in a few seconds.

It also maintains consistent pressure throughout the shower so users will never experience "shower shock" - the hot or cold surge in temperature caused by dishwashers running, a toilet flushing or other faucets being turned on.

Moentrol shower systems are compatible with a wide variety of plumbing connections, utilize one-half-inch plumbing for easy installation, and are available in a wide variety of updated trim styles and finishes to complement any bathroom design. For more information, call 800-BUY-MOEN (800-289-6636) or visit www.moen.com.

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