Bulletin Board: Don't let the post-holiday blues keep you down
Jan 11,2008 00:00 by Amy_Winter

Even though the holiday decorations are put away and the parties are over, the "post-holiday blues" don't have to occur in the workplace. Happiness and excitement shouldn't end with the year. Don't look back at regrets; look ahead and decide to make a difference.

Kevin and Jackie Freiberg, authors of "Boom! 7 Choices for Blowing the Doors off Business-As-Usual," say that the post-holiday blues can be avoided through choices. Workers have the choice to motivate themselves and can exercise the freedom to choose a path.

Kevin offers tips to beat those workplace blues:

- Decide if you are going to be a player or a bystander. Are you going to run on the field and make a mark on the company, influencing the outcome of the game? Or will you choose to sit on the sidelines and watch?

- Choose service over self-interest. Blues can be another type of self-loathing. When you focus on others, you'll be less conscious of your own problems. Using your gifts and talents to be helpful can create more meaning in your life. Reach out to a friend, family member or co-worker.

- Focus forward. Don't look back at the past through the rearview mirror. Create a vision for the new year. Lack of passion and motivation for the future leads to less energy in the present.

Say "what if" rather than "yeah, but." Avoid negativity and focus on the positive aspects of a situation.

"Your view of the future determines your passion and motivation at the present," Kevin says.

- Take risks in order to gain more. If you continue with the same routine, you will receive the expected results. You won't be able to change your life if you can't take risks. Ask yourself: What would I do differently if I were brave?

There is exhilaration and excitement in taking risks, which can eliminate depression.

"Life without risk is a life that isn't fully lived," Kevin says. A new year is the time to beat the blues by doing one or more things that may be risky."


CareerBuilder.com reports hiring trends for the new year from surveying 3,016 hiring managers and human resources professionals.

- Bigger paychecks. Sixty percent of employers expect a 3 percent increase, while 17 percent hope for an increase of 5 percent or more.

- Flexible work schedules. Thirty-nine percent of respondents hope to provide more flexible working plans such as alternate schedules, telecommuting choices, summer hours and job-sharing.

- Candidate recruiting over the Internet. About 19 percent of employers want to start using or increase usage of Internet resources to research candidates.

- Freelance hiring. Thirty-one percent of respondents want to use freelance workers to help with business.

- Career advancement. Twenty-six percent of employers will look into providing more chances to advance careers.

- Bring back retirees. Twenty-one percent of respondents plan to rehire retirees from other companies. And 14 percent will likely encourage those approaching retirement age to stay at the company longer.

- Additional health-care benefits and perks. Nineteen percent of employers will offer better health-care options for employees, and 10 percent want to give workers more perks like bonuses and discounts.

For more information, visit www.careerbuilder.com.

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