University of Oregon opens doors to achievement with PathwayOregon
Jan 11,2008 00:00 by Bend_Weekly_News_Sources

PathwayOregon helps cover tuition and fees for lower income Oregonians starting as freshmen next fall

EUGENE, Ore. - University of Oregon President Dave Frohnmayer announced last week details of a promise to cover tuition and fees for lower-income Oregonians entering the university as freshmen next fall.

The promise, called PathwayOregon, guarantees that qualified Oregonians from lower income families can attend the UO tuition free by covering any remaining tuition costs not picked up by federal and state financial aid. It also provides students with comprehensive academic support and in some cases room and board. PathwayOregon is the first pledge of its kind at a public university in Oregon.

Dave Frohnmayer, University of Oregon President. Photo courtesy UO

"At a time of fluctuating state support, escalating tuition and increased student debt, we are committed to providing more Oregonians than ever the financial boost they need to study at the state's flagship university," Frohnmayer said. "I am proud to present PathwayOregon as a cornerstone of that effort."

Lower income Oregonians who are eligible for Federal Pell Grants and are entering the UO next fall as freshman qualify for the program, which ensures that a combination of federal, state, and institutional grants and scholarships cover tuition and fees. A handful of PathwayOregon students will also qualify for room and board bonuses, which provide annual grant funding equivalent to the cost of a double room and standard meal plan at a UO residence hall.

While PathwayOregon is the first such plan in the state, it is similar to programs offered around the country. Few if any, however, offer the comprehensive academic and social support built into PathwayOregon, said UO Senior Vice President and Provost Linda Brady.

"PathwayOregon students will receive personal guidance from a PathwayOregon adviser, who will help them settle into the university, reach achievement goals and ultimately launch careers," Brady said. "By removing the burden of tuition and fees, we are providing these students with the chance to engage in their studies without additional financial concerns."

To qualify for PathwayOregon, Oregonians must be from lower income families, be eligible for the Federal Pell grant, submit a completed admissions application by Jan. 15, be admitted as freshmen, have a Free Application for Federal Student Aid on file with the UO by March 1 and submit on time an application for one of two university scholarships.

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