Home Zone: Concern for the environment shows up in colors
Jan 11,2008 00:00 by Maggie_Reed

As the world turns green, the world of color is following suit.

COLOR - Trends for 2008 include warmer metallics including Wattyl's Copper Pearl product which offers an alternative to normal interior finishes with its multidimensional effect. CNS Photo courtesy of Wattyl. 
STRANGE - Certain items have a strange appeal, including this giant fish pillow from Baron Bob. CNS Photo courtesy of baronbob.com. 
A genuine concern for the environment is showing up in the colors we will choose in 2008. Greens, blues, warmer metallics and more ethnic accents top the list, according to Color Marketing Group, an international association of color professionals.

"Our members specify color for everything from paint and furniture to cars and carpets," said Jaime Stephens, executive director of CMG. "They track trends several years ahead, and they've rarely been wrong in more than 43 years."

So what's ahead? Here's what CMG has to say:

- Looking green: People want things to look "green" no matter what the color is. Being stylish in 2008 means being natural. Materials will not only look natural, but they will also feature lots of texture and imperfections. Colors will be those that appear in nature, such as off-whites, sand, rock, soil and brownish-greens.

- The blues: Blues remind us of sky and water and remain prominent, even in the kitchen. This year there is an emergence of a deep, vibrant navy so dark you'll swear it's black.

- Specialized finishes and warmer metallics: Shimmery and specialized finishes are already hot, thanks to advances in technology, but in 2008 the metallics will go warmer. Look for brushed chrome and nickel, copper and bronze tones to prevail.

- More ethnic accents: Globalism thrives and is coming to us from India, China and Latin America. Colors adding punch are Moroccan reds and oranges, rosy pinks, sunny golden yellows and lots of turquoise.

For more information, call 703-329-8500 or visit www.colormarketing.org.


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