Oregon Fire Instructors Association hosts safety and survival symposium
Jan 11,2008 00:00 by Bend_Weekly_News_Sources

The Oregon Fire Instructors Association (OFIA) will host the first-annual Firefighter Safety and Survival Symposium, Jan. 11 to 13, at the Department of Public Safety Standards and Training (DPSST), 4190 Aumsville Hwy., in Salem.

Slated for three full days, more than 450 fire fighters from Oregon, Washington, Idaho, California, Alaska, New Mexico and New York will attend the event. Attendees will be trained on fire fighter safety techniques by some of the nation's most respected fire instructors.

These instructors include:

Chief Alan Brunacini, who began his career in the Phoenix Fire Department in 1958 and retired as Fire Chief in 2006. He is currently serving as Chairman of the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Fire Service Career Organization and Deployment Committee. He is author of numerous fire service books. Chief Brunacini will lecture on the Rules of Engagement.

Chief Ed Hartin, who is a 30-year veteran in the fire service, currently serves as Chief of Training and Safety Officer with Gresham Fire and Emergency Services. Chief Hartin will be providing training on fire behavior techniques using live fire props.

Chief Fred Charlton a line Battalion Chief with Clackamas County Fire District No.1 and Chief Fred Charlton will be teaching a one-day course called Rapid Intervention Team Operations. The course will develop skills in rescuing trapped firefighters after a structural collapse or fire flashover.

Chief Gary Seidel, a 30-year fire service veteran, spent 26-years with the LA Fire Department. He is currently Hillsboro's Fire Chief. He will be instructing a course called All Hazard Task Force Leader.

Chief John Salka, a 25-year veteran with FDNY, is a nationally-recognized fire training professional. He will be instructing a course called Managing the MAYDAY and the Company Officer Academy.

Chief Rick Lasky, a 27 year veteran of the Fire Service, is the current Chief of the Lewisville, Texas Fire Department. He will be lecturing on the Pride and Ownership of the Fire Service.

Chief John Sullivan a District Chief with Worchester, Maine Fire Department will give an overview of the tragic fire that killed six members of his Department, two of which were from his engine company. The members died after being lost and trapped inside a cold storage warehouse and were unable to escape before running out of air in their breathing apparatus.

Bobby Halton, who is editor in Chief of Fire Engineering Magazine, will lecture on Dealing with Today's Fire Ground Firefighter Safety.

Deputy Chief of Operations, Rob Dahl, of Boring Fire Protection District will lecture on the "Courage to Be Safe."

Four officers from Seattle Fire Department – Captain Phil Jose, Captain Casey Phillips, Captain Mike Gagliano, and Lieutenant Steve Bernocco – will lecture on the "Point of No Return." The Point of No Return is a dynamic, cutting-edge presentation that is transforming the way the national fire service views air management, tactical safety and fire fighter survival. This fast moving workshop utilizes dramatic audio/video, stimulating discussions, and everyday scenarios to create a synergistic learning experience where the students lead, as well as learn.