Report: Little expected from U.S. Congress
Jan 14,2008 00:00 by UPI

WASHINGTON - Washington analysts, almost unanimously, said the U.S. Congress will get little accomplished when it resumes this week, The Washington Times reported.

U.S. House of Representatives members return Tuesday for the 110th Congress and senators return next week.

Among unavoidable issues is a review of the Bush administration's Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, which Congress passed last year and expires on Feb. 1. Democrats balked at granting immunity for telecommunications companies that participated in Bush's warrantless domestic-surveillance program.

Iraq war funding must also be addressed. Democrats voted to approve $70 billion of the total $196.4 billion in war funding requested by Bush, and analysts told the Times they expect Democrats to delay approval of the remaining $126 billion until as late as March.

"Maybe we could call this session loud and unproductive," Jennifer Duffy, an analyst with the Cook Political Report, told the Times. "There is going to be lots of partisan posturing but Congress is going to move at the speed of molasses."

Various analysts said most of the focus this year will be on the November election and looking beyond George Bush's final year as president.

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