France and Saudi Arabia sign accords
Jan 14,2008 00:00 by UPI

RIYADH, Saudi Arabia - French President Nicolas Sarkozy and Saudi King Abdullah signed a series of bilateral agreements launching the president's three-country Middle East tour.

Sarkozy signed a series of accords on political cooperation, education, and oil and gas deals. The pair opened talks on future negotiations regarding a civilian nuclear reactor for energy production, Alalam satellite television reported Monday.

Saudi Arabia looks to expand rail service between Mecca and Medina and construct a subway in Riyadh with French assistance.

The French president offered Saudi Arabia a cooperative agreement with France's Atomic Energy Commission, which France sees as a lucrative deal to expand its own nuclear facilities in the Arab region.

This was Sarkozy's third trip in as many weeks to the Middle East. France made similar nuclear arrangements with Egypt, Libya and Algeria.

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