Sky View Students Promote Tolerance with National ‘Mix-it-Up at Lunch Day’
Nov 17,2006 00:00 by Bend Weekly News Sources
Hundreds of Sky View Middle School Students stepped out of their usual comfort zone and sat down with a new circle of friends during the lunch hour this Tuesday in an effort to “fight hate and promote tolerance”.

Sky View Middle School Principal Melissa Goff says Mix-it-Up Day is important to middle school students because it gives them an opportunity to widen their circle of friends, promotes tolerance and fights hate.

“This event models for them how to meet new people and helps them foster self-confidence in building new relationships within the school,” Goff says.  “These new relationships contribute to growing the already positive culture at Sky View.”

Sky View’s Leadership class organized the event in conjunction with National Mix-it-Up Day . Events included games, socializing and learning more about how to promote tolerance in both the school and community.

According to
* 70% of students named the cafeteria as the school setting where social boundaries are most clearly drawn
* More than half of students describe their schools as "quick to put people into categories"
* 40% of students admitted that they had rejected someone from another group
* Mix It Up at Lunch Day encourages people to cross lines and meet new people
This is the second year that Sky View Middle School has participated in Mix-it-Up Day.