Two Iraqi insurgents killed in U.S. sweeps
Jan 21,2008 00:00 by UPI

BAGHDAD - Joint Iraqi and U.S. counterinsurgency raids Monday northeast of Baghdad resulted in two militants' deaths and the arrests of 18 suspects, the military said.

Multi-National Forces-Iraq spokesman U.S. Navy Capt. Vic Beck said there were five sweeps conducted as part of "continued efforts to disrupt the al-Qaida networks operating in Iraq," CNN reported.

In the north, police said a booby-trapped parked car exploded near a crowded market around 1 p.m. Monday, killing two civilians and wounding nine others, Kuwait's KUNA news agency reported.

A separate news release said U.S. warplanes had staged an aerial bombardment Sunday on a suspected al-Qaida safe-house are south of Baghdad. The attacks follow similar ones on Jan. 10 and Jan. 16 in which 80,000 pounds of bombs were dropped on 64 targets, the military said.

The U.S. military also announced two of its troops were killed in combat, both Saturday. One was killed by a roadside bomb while on patrol south of Baghdad and the second was a U.S. Marine killed in a gunfight in the western Anbar province, the release said.

Since the U.S. invasion in March 2003, 3,929 U.S. forces have been killed, 25 of them this month.

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