New Local Bi-Lingual Online Resource for Employees Launched: Beehive Cascades
Nov 17,2006 00:00 by Bend Weekly News Sources

A new web resource, the Beehive Cascades ( for employees was launched November 14. Local nonprofit Neighbor Impact and One Economy Corporation, a multi-national nonprofit, partnered to build this free English/Spanish online resource to help workers connect to resources about money, schools, jobs, housing, health and more. The Beehive Cascades is a localized version of the national Beehive website that was launched by One Economy in 2001. Since that time, nearly nine million individuals have visited the site in both languages.

“The Beehive is more than an online phone book.” said Sharon Miller, Executive Director of Neighbor Impact. “What’s unique about the Beehive is that it is capable of helping people improve their lives. Across the country, there are countless examples of how the Beehive has changed people’s lives because they became more employable, found access to healthcare, improved their credit, or learned how to qualify for a tax credit. We are proud to bring this unique website to Central Oregon.”

The site will feature online tools that help employees create a family budget, apply for federal and state tax credits, find affordable health care and help them save for school for themselves or their children. A recent Knight Foundation/One Economy study has shown that workers who regularly use the Internet feel more connected to their community and better prepared for their chosen career.

“We are thrilled to be working with such committed partners and look forward to the day when the digital world is just a click away for the families of Central Oregon,” said Rob Bole, Vice President, of One Economy’s Western Region. “The Beehive Cascades will now join our growing family of over thirty local Beehives across the country.”

Beehive Cascades was made possible through the generous support of Meyer Memorial trust foundation.

About Neighbor Impact

History/Mission: NeighborImpact seeks to change the course of each family’s future by giving them the tools they need to succeed. NeighborImpact’s tool box includes Head Start, weatherization, home repair, energy and rent assistance, financial skills building, savings programs, assisting parents to find child care, tutoring homeless children, providing emergency and transitional housing to homeless families, home buyer education and feeding the hungry. NeighborImpact: Building Success—Changing Lives

About One Economy Corporation

One Economy Corporation is a multi-national nonprofit founded in 2000 that uses technologybased strategies to help low-income people improve their lives and join the economic mainstream. One Economy’s two prong strategy brings broadband into the home along with online content through their bi-lingual consumer website the Beehive ( Through its Bring IT Home campaign, One Economy has helped bring broadband into the homes of 200,000 low-income people. To date nearly nine million individuals have used the Beehive. One Economy recently launched a campaign to expand these online offerings by creating the Public Internet Channel. For more information: