Bend Public Works: help prevent safety hazards during winter weather
Feb 01,2008 00:00 by Bend_Weekly_News_Sources

As the community deals with the effects of the winter storm event Thursday, the Bend Public Works Department wants to remind residents to take precautions and prepare for the inclement weather. City crews and contractors are out plowing and sanding our streets to keep them clear and safe. In order to prevent safety hazards the City is reminding all residents to:

- Check on elderly or disabled neighbors.  Avoid shoveling if you have a medical condition that may be worsened by shoveling.

-  Check and clear catch basins around their homes and remove any debris or snow that may clog them and prevent the proper drainage of water from the streets to avoid flooding and freezing in their area, especially as the temperature rises or rain occurs.

-  Park off street if possible, and do not park cars within 20 feet of an intersection. Parking too closely to an intersection can restrict emergency vehicle access and plow/sander access.

-  Shovel out vehicles and snow around your homes to prevent ice build-up overnight.

-  Shovel snow from around fire hydrants and from sidewalks that abut homes and businesses.

-  Please do not throw snow back into the street. “Throwbacks” could cause icy patches along our roadways.

-  Avoid unnecessary driving during severe winter storms.  Use the public transit system – Bend Area Transit to avoid driving.  

-  Please give our plow and sander crews plenty of room to maneuver; avoid following too closely, cutting them off, or getting in between them for safety sake.  

If you have any problems removing debris from catch basins or have any flooding in your area, please call the Public Works Department at 317-3000.