West Nile Virus May Arrive in Oregon This Year
May 17,2006 00:00 by Bend Weekly News Sources

--Virus May Arrive In Oregon This Year--

Deschutes County’s Health Department has released this year’s West Nile Virus Comprehensive Plan. The report was prepared by the Communicable Disease division of the Department and includes the County’s plan to inform the public about West Nile Virus prevention. The report reflects that the County remains proactive by continuing to survey the area for West Nile Virus mosquitos.

The Four Rivers Vector Control, contracted by Deschutes County and surrounding cities, completed a report that summarized a three-month study of the northern and southern regions of the County. The study found that the Culex tarsalis mosquito which primarily carries West Nile virus is present in the County, no evidence of the virus existed as of last fall.  The surveillance reports are available on the Deschutes County website, www.deschutes.org/WNVinfo .

Four Rivers Vector Control studies find Culex tarsalis living in Northern and Southern Deschutes County. The highest concentration of the mosquito lives in South County.

Deschutes County Health has current West Nile Virus (WNV) educational materials to distribute to citizens this mosquito season.  The Department plans to distribute prevention and disease tips through the media prior to mosquito season.  The Communicable Disease division will also provide information updates throughout the season.

Seasonal reports of human illness, mosquitos and dead birds will continue to be monitored according to the County’s 2006 West Nile Virus Comprehensive Plan.

For more information on West Nile Virus or for a copy of the West Nile Virus Comprehensive Plan, please call 322-7418 or visit the Deschutes County website,   www.deschutes.org/WNVinfo .