Ottawa terror suspect again free
Feb 01,2008 00:00 by UPI

OTTAWA - An Algerian-born Canadian originally jailed for being a terrorism risk has been freed temporarily in Ottawa but only under a strict set of conditions.

Mohamed Harkat was jailed in 2002 on a security certificate requested by Canadian intelligence but the evidence for such certificates is not released.

Federal agents raided his house this week and took him into custody for allegedly violating his bail, the Ottawa Citizen reported, but Friday Justice Eleanor Dawson ordered him released until a Monday hearing.

However, Harkat must remain mostly at home and wear a monitoring device, though he is allowed daily walks with a court-appointed person. His wife or his mother-in-law must be inside the house with him at all times. Video cameras monitor the outside of the home, his mail is opened and his phone calls tapped, the newspaper said.

The government said an earlier supervisory scheme broke down and Harkat should have been jailed until another could be put in place.

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