Tips to Raise Your Home's Resale Value
May 19,2006 00:00

(NewsUSA) - You've decided to move, but the housing market is more competitive than ever. To get an edge on your competition, it's important to make your home as appealing as possible so that you can sell it quickly and at its maximum value.

The experts at Nailite, a manufacturer and distributor of premium residential and commercial siding, provide the following tips to increase the resale value of your home:

* Give it curb appeal. A home's exterior is one of the most important selling points. During the warmer seasons, have colorful flowers and potted plants adorn your yard and entryways. Repaint your front door and replace welcome mats that appear worn or dirty. Also, have the grass cut and trim bushes and shrubs regularly.

* Improve or replace siding. If the outside of your home is looking a bit dull, re-siding can be a dramatic and cost-effective way to improve its appearance. Nailite offers high-definition polypropylene siding that replicates the beauty of real cedar, brick and stone yet requires less maintenance. If you are not looking to replace the siding on your entire home, choose certain areas for accent siding.

* Remove the clutter. Excess furniture can make a room seem smaller. Rearrange or remove furniture to give your home a feeling of openness.

* Address any imperfections that can be easily fixed. Look at carpets for stains; walls and ceilings for paint scuffs or marks; floors for chips or cracks; and any other noticeable flaws. Replace fixtures and hardware to improve the appearance of the kitchen and bathrooms.

* Brighten it up. Lighting is essential because it can portray a certain mood and accentuate features of a room. Open the blinds and drapes to let as much natural light in as possible, and consider installing accent lighting.

* Make it sparkle. Your home should be thoroughly clean and tidy to ensure potential homebuyers see it at its best. Burn candles or scented oils to remove any lingering odors. And don't forget about the outside: Clean off porches and decks and brush off debris from walkways.