Dropped police corruption case draws anger
Feb 05,2008 00:00 by UPI
TORONTO -- Calls have been made for an inquiry into why a corruption case against six Toronto Police officers was dismissed after four years passed.

The six officers were members of the force's defunct Central Field Command drug squad and were charged in 2003 with more than 30 corruption-related charges, the National Post reported.

However, last Thursday, Superior Court Justice Ian Nordheimer stayed the charges, saying it had taken Ontario Crown prosecutors too long to get the case to court, the Toronto Star said.

Monday, provincial opposition leader John Tory of the Conservative party demanded an inquiry.

"Clearly, there is something wrong with a situation where you have charges being dropped due to administrative screw-ups or worse and that nobody gets justice," Tory said. "The public doesn't, the accused don't ... because no one ever really knows what happened here."

Provincial Attorney General Chris Bentley said allegations the trial was deliberately allowed to founder were "simply baseless and groundless" and appeal options were being considered, the Star said.

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