Ochoco Forest roads, Sno-parks struggle to remain open with heavy snow, plowing expenses
Feb 05,2008 00:00 by Bend_Weekly_News_Sources
PRINEVILLE — Because of heavy snow conditions and narrowing roadways, Forest Service officials continue to monitor conditions that may eventually require sno-park closures on the Ochoco National Forest.

“We’ve been able to keep Walton Sno-park open up to this point, but as funding for snow removal is depleted and roads continue to narrow, a future closure may be likely”, said Recreation Staff Officer Cathy Lund.

To avoid congestion, they ask, please do not park on Forest Road 22.

Snowplay enthusiasts, at this time, are encouraged to use Ochoco Divide Sno-park as an alternative to Walton Sno-park. Ochoco Divide Sno-park is located on Hwy 26 about 24 miles northeast of Prineville.

For updated conditions, please contact the Ochoco National Forest at (541) 416-6500.