Fitness Forum: Medicine ball chop leads to core stability
Feb 01,2008 00:00 by CNS

The moves: A chopping motion using a medicine ball.

TAKE YOUR MEDICINE - To help strengthen the core and work on trunk rotational flexibility, Fire Captain Thom Morris moves a medicine ball up and across his body in a diagonal chopping motion while performing a squat. CNS Photo by Howard Lipin. 
Works on: Core, arm and shoulder strength. Trunk rotational flexibility.

Level: Beginner.

Precautions: This is a dynamic exercise that can make you sore. Start with light or no weight until you are comfortable with the rotation on the exercise. It can be a cardiovascular challenge so start slowly. Do not hold your breath during any phase of this activity.

Setup: Stand erect with the knees slightly bent. With both hands, hold a medicine ball at chest level and keep it close to the torso. Keep the feet planted but allow the knees, hips and torso to rotate as required by the motion.

Steps: Perform these moves with a little speed and momentum. Raise the ball up and over the right shoulder and behind the ear. "Throw" the ball toward the ground and to the outside of the left ankle in a diagonal chopping motion while performing a squat to as low as you are comfortable. Immediately return and repeat.

Repetitions: Initially, one set of 10 each side. Progress to three sets of 20 to each side.

Options: As you get stronger, move the ball further away from the torso. This movement can be simulated with an exercise band.