Home Zone: Forget the fixtures and just go with the flow
Feb 01,2008 00:00 by Maggie_Reed

Relax and let the power of water transform you.

With the latest series of bathroom faucets and fittings from Dornbracht, the Elemental Spa is the essence of ultimate luxury.

LET IT FLOW - Water becomes the star of the show with Dornbracht's new Elemental Spa series, including this freestanding NOTA Tub Filler. CNS Photo courtesy of Dornbracht. 
DON'T GET BURNED - Sunbeam's new Hot Iron Storage Case provides a practical solution for storing a hot iron. CNS Photo courtesy of Sunbeam. 
The focus of the series is the very essence of water and its cleansing, therapeutic, restorative and nourishing qualities.

The water takes top billing, not the fixtures. The materials and shapes for the new suite for tub, lav and shower were designed to be a discreet source for the flow of the water ... they seemingly become invisible.

"It sounds contradictory and almost unimaginable, but, really, it is quite ingenious," said Jon Spector, president and chief executive officer of Dornbracht Americas, explaining Elemental Spa.

"Of course, you can see the architectural components of the faucets - the spout, and handles, sprays and all. But they are so classically formed and shaped, and in some cases embedded into projection surfaces that once the water is turned on they are secondary.

"It's all about the water and flow. It is a very sensory experience, because that's what you're focused on. You see the water, feel it, hear it," Spector said.

Cubed shapes prevail in Elemental Spa and the materials reflect an interesting contrast of old and new. CorTen, for instance, a corrugated weathered steel, is proposed as a shower surface and develops a unique patina when damp. Copper, known for its therapeutic properties and chameleon looks under water, is another option.

Some of the top attention getters include the free-standing NOTA Tub Filler, an inverted L-shaped water station of white Corian that's flat, compact and when set to fill the tub draws your attention to the cascade of water it creates. Also, there's the SANGHA Wall-Mount Rainshower, an enclosed fixture that all but disappears when the water is on.

In all, there are six Elemental Spa varieties being offered along with a range of complementary accessories including towel bars and hooks, tissue holders, mounted soap dishes and glass holders.

For more information, call 800-774-1181 or visit www.dornbracht.com.


You know the feeling. You're crisp and pressed and ready for work. In fact, you're on the road. But, nagging in the back of your mind is whether you put that hot iron in a place that will have your walls standing when you arrive home.

And even before you leave for work, what if the kids knock that hot iron off the board and get burned? Each year, in the United States more than 116,000 children are treated in emergency rooms for burns and fire-related injuries, according to Safe Kids USA.

Welcome into your home, and piece of mind, the new Sunbeam Hot Iron Storage Case, which provides a practical solution for getting that hot iron out of the way safely.

This case is simple, convenient, improves safety conditions in the home and is perfect for people on the go who don't have time to wait around while the iron cools.

The silicone pads absorb heat while the silicone nosepiece adjusts to fit all full-size irons. It can be mounted on a wall or stored on a shelf. The case also includes a separate cord storage area that keeps the electrical cord away from the iron's hot soleplate. The interlocking handle assures the iron will not fall out when the case is picked up and is very comfortable to carry.

The case is available in charcoal or blue and retails for $20. For more information, call 800-458-8407 or visit www.sunbeam.com.

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