Holiday Makeup Tips For a Festive Look
Nov 24,2006 00:00 by Rick DiCecca

Most women find that the holidays offer them an opportunity to experiment with festive party looks that play with shimmer and color.

This season, there is a return to a classic, feminine look accented with a modern edge. Reds and golds grounded by earthy neutrals and metallics illuminate the face this season. The latest makeup textures and shades allow all women to express their personalities with color and feel completely comfortable doing so.

Before applying even a stitch of makeup, however, it's important to prep your skin. Moisturize your face and neck with Estée Lauder DayWear Plus so makeup glides on. Hide any blemishes with concealer using a shade lighter than your skin tone, and apply a light veil of foundation.

Now decide if you'd rather play up your eyes or your lips. And again, let your mood dictate both your choice and your application technique.

You can easily accentuate your eyes by either smudging them out, or by subtly defining them to create a more polished look that's equally impactful. I always use at least two shades of eye shadow to achieve a happy medium; add a third to heighten the drama if you want.

First, apply eyeliner along your top and bottom lashes, smudging it slightly. Then dust the paler shade of shadow all over your lower lids, from the lash line to the crease. Using the darker shadow, trace over your liner - extending it out a bit for a bolder look - then add some color to the outer corner of the crease. Blend well to eliminate any obvious lines.

Offset your smoldering eyes with a velvety nude lipstick or a nude gloss. Brown- and pink-based nudes will complement most complexions.

In the past, many women found it easier to intensify their eyes. But now, thanks to creamier lip colors and a variety of glosses, red lips don't seem so daunting. You can create a pretty crimson stain, for example, by mixing a small amount of red lipstick with a shimmery gloss, like Estée Lauder Pure Color Crystal Gloss in golden nude. Or be brazen and drench balm-coated lips in deep red, carefully applying the color with a lip brush.

Whatever you choose, just be sure to pick the red that's right for you. Let your wardrobe be your guide. If you wear a lot of cool colors (black, navy, bright white), select a blue-based red. If your closet contains more earth tones, go for an orange red. As for eyes, mascara is always a necessity. My favorite is Estée Lauder Magnascopic Maximum Volume Mascara in black.

Finish off either look with an understated dose of shimmer. To keep it on the sophisticated side, be judicious. Using a big, fluffy brush, lightly dust it high on the cheekbones and down the center of the face only. Estée Lauder Brilliant Shimmer All-Over Powder contains graduated neutral and gold hues that are absolutely gorgeous on all women.

Rick DiCecca is the premier makeup artist for Estée Lauder.