Student booted for not standing in class
Feb 06,2008 00:00 by UPI

LAS VEGAS - A high school student in Las Vegas was kicked out of class for allegedly refusing to stand during the pledge of allegiance, it was reported Tuesday.

Devon Smith, 16, said his refusal to participate is how he's handled the pledge in school since eighth grade, the Las Vegas Review-Journal reported.

"I wasn't being disruptive. I don't believe in God. So I was just sitting there. That is my right," Smith said of Monday's incident, "When I told her 'I don't do that,' she told me to get my stuff and go to the dean's office."

Spring Valley High School Principal Bob Gerye reportedly said Smith was not kicked out of class because of his refusal to say the pledge.

"A student has that constitutional right," Gerye said, adding he needed to further look into what prompted the disciplinary action.

"That took guts. I'm proud of him," Smith's mother, who practices the Wiccan faith, told reporters.

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