Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife Fishing Report
Nov 22,2006 00:00 by ODFW

Opportunities in the region, particularly in the high country, will diminish with colder weather. Streams closed to trout fishing Oct. 31.

ANTELOPE FLAT RESERVOIR: Opportunities for 12-14 inch rainbow trout are fair. Illegally introduced bullhead have had a negative impact on trout angling.

CLEAR LAKE: No new reports.

COLUMBIA RIVER FROM BONNEVILLE RESERVOIR TO JOHN DAY DAM: Bass fishing has been good in the main Columbia and backwaters. Anglers are reporting good catch rates of nice bass in shallow water with artificial baits of various types.

CRESCENT LAKE: No reports from the past week.

CROOKED RIVER BELOW BOWMAN DAM: Opportunities for 8-16 inch rainbow trout are fair. Repairs and improvements are being conducted on Bowman Dam through November. During this period stream flow will be approximately 35 CFS. The reduced flow and temporary shutdowns earlier in the month likely have disrupted trout and it may take a week or two for fish to adjust to the new flows. Normal winter flows of 70 CFS should return in early December.

DAVIS LAKE: No reports

DESCHUTES RIVER: Dry fly fishing has been slow; anglers should look at using nymphing tactics in the slow water areas.

DESCHUTES RIVER (Lake Billy Chinook to Benham Falls): No reports from the past week.

DESCHUTES RIVER (Benham Falls to Wickiup Reservoir): Closed to trout angling Oct. 31.

DESCHUTES RIVER (Crane Prairie to Little Lava Lake): This reach of river is now closed for the season.

FALL RIVER: Reports of fair fishing. Please note that the reach of Fall River below the main falls closed for the season on Sept. 30. The reach of river above the falls is open all year

FROG LAKE: Frog Lake, located about 20 miles west of Maupin, has been stocked with keeper trout .
HAYSTACK RESERVOIR: Rainbow and brown trout 10-18 inches are available. No recent reports.

KINGSLEY RESERVOIR: Located west of Hood River, stocked with keeper and trophy trout.

LAKE BILLY CHINOOK: The Metolius Arm is closed to angling. The balance of the reservoir has fair to good opportunities for bull, brown and rainbow trout.

LAKE SIMTUSTUS: Closed to angling as of Oct. 31.

LAURANCE LAKE: Laurance Lake, located near Parkdale, has recently been stocked with keeper trout and should offer good angling opportunity.

LITTLE LAVA LAKE: No angler reports from the past week. Little Lava Lake is open year round, access permitting.



OCHOCO RESERVOIR: Opportunities for 12-18 inch rainbow trout are good.

ODELL LAKE: Lake trout angling is reported to be slow.

PINE HOLLOW: Stocked with keeper trout.

PRINEVILLE RESERVOIR: Opportunities for 12-16 inch rainbow trout are fair to good.

ROCK CREEK RESERVOIR: Rock Creek Reservoir, located near Wamic, has been stocked with keeper and trophy trout and should offer good angling opportunity.

SOUTH TWIN: Fishing is reported to be fair.

SUTTLE LAKE: No reports.

WALTON LAKE: Opportunities for 8-16 inch rainbow trout are fair.