Polish troops attacked in Iraq
Feb 06,2008 00:00 by UPI

BAGHDAD - Polish soldiers patrolling in southern Iraq escaped injury from a roadside bomb Wednesday but four civilians were killed, the Voice of Iraq news agency said.

The blast happened near Diwaniyah, where Poland's 900 troops are stationed as part of the U.S.-led coalition. A woman and two children were among those killed and nine other people were injured, an Iraqi officer told the news agency.

Near the northern city of Tikrit, the U.S. military said a man, his wife and son were killed in their home Tuesday by U.S. troops, CNN reported. A statement said a child also sustained leg injuries in the incident which began when an "unknown enemy" opened fire on the troops.

Soldiers stormed the building and opened fire, the report said.

It was the second incident involving civilian deaths in four days. Saturday, nine Iraqi civilians were killed in a U.S. airstrike south of Baghdad.

The U.S. military also reported it had arrested an al-Qaida suspect Tuesday linked to a roadside bomb blast in the northern city of Mosul that killed five U.S. soldiers on Jan. 28, the network reported.

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