Couple calms down ax-wielding man
Feb 08,2008 00:00 by UPI

MANGERE BRIDGE, New Zealand - An elderly couple in New Zealand, confronted by a bloody ax-wielding man on their doorstep, gave him coffee and talked to him until police arrived.

The couple in Mangere Bridge, identified only as Tom and Joyce, also tried to tend the man's injuries, the New Zealand Herald reported.

Police said that the man appeared to be mentally ill.

"They killed my daughter," he muttered to some of those he confronted, although investigators said there is no evidence of his having lost a child.

The man allegedly stabbed another elderly couple in their home and threatened a group of construction workers.The wife was treated at a hospital and released, while her husband was admitted.

One of the workers knocked on the door of another area resident and called police.

The man had calmed down considerably after a few minutes with Tom and Joyce, police said.

"Tom opened his deck door like he does every morning and there he was, a man standing there with an ax in his hand with an injury, blood pouring out of him -- and he ushered him into his house," said Debbie van der Heijden, a neighbor, the newspaper reported.

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