Bend City Police Blotter – Week of Nov 10
Nov 17,2006 00:00 by Bend Weekly News Sources

During the week, there were 21 reports of vehicle break-ins, with an estimated value of stolen items at $12,388.  Of the 21 reports, ten vehicles were unlocked.  DUII arrests totaled eight, and there were ten warrant arrests made.  Two bicycles were reported stolen, with an estimated value of $2,500.  One bicycle was unlocked.

11/4.  A female resident of NE Wichitaw scared off an unknown suspect you kicked a window out of the home and attempted to enter.

11/4.  A person reported the GPS was stolen from his rental car while parked at the Phoenix Inn on NW Franklin Ave.  The car was locked, but there were no signs of forced entry.  GPS unit is valued at $1,600.

11/4.  A 20-year old Bend man was arrested for possessing a weapon in a public building, being a minor in possession by consumption, and second-degree disorderly conduct.  He allegedly concealed a pellet gun resembling a Beretta 9mm handgun in his jacket, showing the gun to students at a Mountain View High School football game.  When the officer noticed an odor of alcohol, he admitted to drinking a beer.

11/4.  An unknown suspect entered Horizon Pet Services on NW Lytle Avenue through an unlocked rear window and stole $80 in currency from the office, leaving all other valued property behind.  Officers took photographs and shoe prints left at the scene.  Case is suspended pending development of further information.

11/4.  The Phoenix Inn on NW Franklin reported that a male suspect pried open the cash drawer and took the money.  When the employee confronted the suspect, he returned all but $2.72 and fled on foot.

11/5.  A Bend man was arrested for driving under the influence of intoxicants and his VW Jetta impounded.  Pulled over at NW Harriman and Georgia Street, the suspect admitted to drinking rum, but didn’t know where, how much, when he started drinking, or when he stopped drinking.  When he was asked “Where are you now?” he responded “handcuffed on a bench.”

11/5.  The owner of a motorhome reported that an unknown person spraypainted “420 Rules” on the side of the vehicle, and also sprayed her car and broke the windshield.  No evidence was present and the case was suspended due to lack of investigative leads.

11/7.  A Bend woman reported someone cut two windows out of her Jeep’s soft top, causing an estimated $1,500 in damage.  The vehicle was parked at a location on NE Wells Acres when the incident occurred.  The woman found $125 in CDs missing, and her stereo was gone.  Value of stolen items is estimated at $475.

11/7.  An unknown suspect cut the siding off the rear of the Henderson Design building on NE 1st Street, kicked through the sheetrock, and ransacked the building.  A 3-foot by 2-foot floor safe sustained $300 in damage, and damage to the building is estimated at $500.  Nothing was found to be missing.

11/8.  Bend Police officers initiated a traffic stop on a man with multiple arrest warrants, while assisting Redmond Police.  The man fled the vehicle on foot and ran about 200 yards before being apprehended.  He was arrested for attempting to elude in addition to the outstanding warrant charges.

11/8.  A young Bend couple residing on Pettigrew Court reported they awoke to find a strange man passed out on the living room floor.  The man told officers that he thought he was at his friend Shane’s house on West Craven Street.  He was transported to his residence and cited for minor in possession by consumption and first-degree criminal trespass.

The preceding are excerpts taken from log entries and reports of the Bend Police Department.