Bend City Police Blotter – Week of Nov 17
Nov 24,2006 00:00 by Bend Weekly News Sources

During the week, there were 30 reports of vehicle break-ins, with an estimated value of stolen items at $10,894.  Of the 30 reports, 13 vehicles were unlocked.  DUII arrests totaled 12, and there were 18 warrant arrests made.  Four bicycles were reported stolen, with an estimated value of $1,396.  Three of the four bicycles were unlocked.

11/16.  Two women were cited and released for theft and shoplifting when they were witnessed stealing $104.90 in groceries from Safeway on Highway 20.

11/16.  Subway Sandwiches on S. Highway 97 reported that $280 was missing from the cash register till during two different night shifts.  An employee was suspected, but because their video surveillance system was unavailable they are unsure which one.

11/11.  The Church of Christ on NW Newport Avenue reported $1,500 in damage to interior walls and doors during a burglary of fireworks.

11/11.  A man reported that a 16-17 year old male wearing a white hat grabbed his cell phone out of his hand while he was walking near the Old Mill Theater.  The stolen cell phone is valued at $130.

11/11.  SIMA Corporation reported that the Petsmart garbage enclosure had been spray-painted with graffiti, causing $750 in damage.  Graffiti appeared to say COT King.  “COT” is known to stand for “Chicanos On Top”.

11/11.  A Bend resident of Poplar Street reported that he and his wife heard an explosion  in the night and thought it was a gunshot.  They found their newspaper delivery box blown up.  Officers believe the pieces of a plastic bottle scattered nearby are consistent with a dry-ice bomb.

11/11.  A Bend man reported that a stranger, later identified as a Redmond male, hit him in the back of the head with a brick as he was walking down the street.  The suspect then hit him in his forehead with the brick as the victim turned around.  The Redmond man was arrested for aggravated assault.

11/13.  Consolidated Electrical Distributors reported the theft of $4,655 worth of aluminum wire from their Layton Ave. location.  The property was recovered by the Deschutes County Sheriff’s Office.

11/13.  A man reported to police that the women who stole his leather jacket from Corey’s Bar & Grill in late October was currently in the bar.  Officers reviewed video surveillance and saw the female suspect steal the coat.  Officers retrieved the leather jacket from the suspect’s residence and cited her for second-degree theft.

11/14.  The City of Bend reported that unknown suspect(s) had spray-painted the letters “COT” (short for “Chicanos On Top”) on two retaining walls at Primrose and NE 18th Street.  The graffiti was similar to two other nearby incidents.

11/17.  A Terrebonne man was arrested for third-degree robbery when he was suspected of stealing a DVD from Fred Meyer and attempted to return it for cash.  The suspect fought with three employees and a customer when confronted by security.

11/17.  A Baker City woman was arrested at a SE 3rd Street apartment for possession of methamphetamine, second-degree child neglect, endangering the welfare of a minor, and frequenting a place where controlled substances are used.  She is suspected of being under the influence of meth and being unable to care for her three-month old baby.

11/18.  A Bend woman was arrested for suspicion of shoplifting $243.53 worth of groceries from Safeway on SW Century Drive.

11/18.  A Bend man was arrested for driving under the influence of intoxicants and had his vehicle towed after officers performed a traffic stop near midnight on NE Third Street.  He said he wasn’t going anywhere and claimed “I wasn’t driving.  I’m not saying.  I wasn’t driving.”  Suspect did admit to having two beers at Rustic River.  When asked if he felt the effects of the alcohol, he answered, “I do, but don’t.  Probably.  Not really.”  When asked if he was sick or injured, he said no but added “No, not really.  I guess.”

The preceding are excerpts taken from log entries and reports of the Bend Police Department.