Enough About The Da Vinci Code!
May 21,2006 00:00 by Jenny Harker

If I were Dan Brown, I would thank the Vatican for helping to increase the amount of his royalty checks. The Church should have kept its mouth shut about “The Da Vinci Code”. By demonizing this excellent novel, the Church caused millions more people to read the book. Now a movie based on the novel is due to come out. Millions of people will flock to theaters and watch Tom Hanks bring the story to life. I will be in a seat with popcorn in hand. I will see the film because I enjoyed reading the beautifully written fictional story, and Tom Hanks is always a joy to watch perform. Millions of other people will be watching for the same reasons. We are not as gullible as you seem to think we are, Vatican. I am aware “The Da Vinci Code” is as fictional a story as “Moby Dick” or “Gone with the Wind”. Why do you think so little of people’s intelligence? My opinion on this worn-out topic: Jesus was the Son of God, but He was also half human, thanks to His mother. He was a hardworking respectable member of a society that expected men to marry and raise a family. If Jesus had a family with Mary Magdalene or another woman, I applaud Him. I cannot think of any person more deserving of the companionship and love of a spouse and child then the courageous young carpenter who died for our sins. His humanity made His earthly accomplishments all the more magnificent, a testament to the strength and courage of the human spirit. I feel closer to Him as a result. You can stop complaining about “The Da Vinci Code”, Vatican. The novel is world famous and people are getting rich. Good job! How many priests and cardinals will be scrunched down in theatre seats with popcorn in hand after the movie comes out, hmmm? Oh, just to watch a good movie, of course.