Can 'Desperate' cohort Eva Longoria Parker heat up the box office?
Feb 08,2008 00:00 by David L. Coddon

It's good to be Eva Longoria Parker.

She's gorgeous. She's the highest-profile co-star of a hit television series, "Desperate Housewives." She's got her face on L'Oreal ads worldwide. She's married to Tony Parker of the NBA champion San Antonio Spurs. She's got her own production company and her own L.A. restaurant, Beso.

WIVES ON THE BIG SCREEN - If you study the feature-film resumes of Wisteria Lane's famous housewives, you'll find yourself desperately in search of a hit. Eva Longoria Parker is trying to break that streak with her role in 'Over Her Dead Body.' CNS Photo courtesy of ABC. 
What world is left to conquer?

The movies, of course.

"Over Her Dead Body," which recently opened nationwide, finds Longoria Parker starring as a ghost who takes a very dim view of her surviving fiance's interest in another woman. If that sounds less than an Academy Awards-caliber role, consider that Longoria Parker's previous big-screen gems include "Carlita's Secret," "Harsh Times" and "Hustler's Instinct." But give her time. She's only 32, and there's no denying Longoria Parker has tremendous screen appeal. Can the size of the screen be that much a deal-breaker? If you study the feature-film resumes of Wisteria Lane's famous housewives, you'll find yourself desperately in search of a hit.

Have you heard of Marcia Cross' "Ripple" or "Living in Fear," or Nicollette Sheridan's "Raw Nerve." Did you know that Teri Hatcher played Sly Stallone's sister, Kiki, in "Tango and Cash," that Felicity Huffman was Minnie, a medical student, in "Reversal of Fortune," or that Dana Delany played an unnamed record-store saleswoman in "The Fan"?

Not all is ignominy and obscurity for our "Desperate Housewives." Huffman earned an Oscar nomination for her daring, gender-bending turn in "Transamerica" three years ago. Hatcher has a Bond film ("Tomorrow Never Dies") in her filmography, and she appeared in the edgy "2 Days in the Valley." Delany shone in both comedy ("House Sitter") and drama ("Light Sleeper"), and her leather-clad Mistress Lisa in "Exit to Eden" deserves a category in itself.

Will Longoria Parker break through someday and become a film star? Who better to consult than a rabid fan - so rabid that she oversees an entire Web site: Sabrina (she guards her last name for privacy purposes) resides in the United Kingdom, and she believes that Longoria Parker can hit it big in movies "if she chooses great scripts. She is without a doubt the most popular of the bunch."

Is "Over Her Dead Body" the right script? Whether it is or not, Longoria Parker "will probably always be remembered as Gabrielle Solis and get offered parts that are similar to that character," says Sabrina, who definitely plans to see the new comedy. (Big surprise.)

Desperate Housewives in the movies


"Over Her Dead Body"

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