Report: Al-Qaida tries softer tactics
Feb 08,2008 00:00 by UPI
BAGHDAD -- An Iraqi al-Qaida-related group commanded its followers to tone down actions in an effort to recover support in Anbar province, The Washington Post reported.

Officials said the request comes after Sunni tribes in the western Anbar province have begun to turn against the group and take sides with the U.S. military, the Post reported Friday.

"Dedicate yourself to fighting the true enemy only, in order to avoid opening up new fronts against the Sunni Arabs. Do not close the door of repentance in the face of those Sunnis who turned against us," a Jan. 13 al-Qaida communique in Anbar said.

It is reported that al-Qaida's practices, such as penalizing females who refuse to cover their heads, have contributed to the group's loss of support. The group has reportedly begun to strongly focus attacks on U.S. soldiers, Sunnis working intently with U.S. military and the infrastructure of Iraq, the Post said.

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