Mr. RHS basketball game a huge success
Feb 08,2008 00:00 by Bend_Weekly_News_Sources

REDMOND, Ore.The third annual Mr. RHS contestants vs. staff basketball game held last Friday was a great success!  With a final score of 111 to 107, the Mr. RHS contestants received the bragging rights of victory and the pride of knowing they are $4,500 closer to their goal of $20,000, which helps premature babies in the St. Charles Bend neonatal intensive care unit (NICU).

The game opened with a special welcome by the Yarbrough family whose triplets graduated from the NICU not too long ago.  Seeing the healthy triplets running around with joy in their eyes brought the meaning of the event to the hearts and minds of the players and audience.

The game itself was quite entertaining with players rushing up and down the court trying to prove themselves to the other team.

Yet more entertainment came from the special rules of the game.

If a player fouled, they had to stand in a special foul box with a big sign hanging around their necks reading "I fouled."  If a player threw an air ball, they had to wear a dress for a period of time during the game. If they made a half-court shot, they received 10 points, and at various times during the game multiple balls were put into play.

At half-time the Mr. RHS contestants auctioned off homemade cakes. It was a lively auction that drew high participation and a lot of bidding wars. On average, each cake went for about $150 with the top cake selling for $300 - a new record!

"It was an outstanding turn out and a fun way to raise money for the NICU," comments Sarah DuBois, RHS Junior.

About Mr. RHS

In the program’s third year, Mr. RHS contestants will again work to raise funds for the St. Charles Bend NICU.

The goal for these 14 senior boys, selected by students and teachers, is to raise $20,000. These funds will be used to continue to provide quality care in the NICU and make a difference in the lives of these babies as well as the families.

This year the Mr. RHS program has grown into a more hands-on program. For the first time, Mr. RHS contestants will have the opportunity to job shadow a nurse in the St. Charles Bend NICU. This will give the contestants the chance to actually assist in the care of the babies they are raising money for in this campaign.

This year’s Mr. RHS contestants are Steve Bigelow, Ryan DuBois, Billy Fisher, Alex Fitch, Sam Hartley, Sam Hedegaard, Kal Middaugh, Terry Miller, Tyrel Nordstrom, Isauro Saldana, Brandon Shields, Josh Simpson, Donnie Tavita, and Clayton York.

More fundraising events will take place between now and April 12, the date of the Mr. RHS pageant. If you wish to make a donation to the Mr. RHS campaign, please call the St. Charles Foundation at (541) 383-6996.