Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife Hunting Report
Nov 29,2006 00:00 by ODFW


PRINEVILLE RESERVOIR WMA: The western length of the North Side access road was closed Nov. 15. The remainder of the road will close Dec. 1 when all access becomes non-motorized to protect wintering big game.  

COUGAR: Cougar are reported regularly in the Maury, Ochoco, and Grizzly units, at all elevations and habitat types. Areas to consider include the Alkali Butte and Sanford Creek (Maury WMU); Bridge Creek, Sunflower Creek, and Lookout Mountain (Ochoco WMU); and Green Mountain, Mill Creek, and Marks Creek (Grizzly WMU). As winter progresses areas frequented by concentrations of wintering elk and deer will be areas to scout for cougar sign.

BEAR: Populations are limited with the better opportunities in the denser forested portions of the Ochoco National Forest in the Ochoco and Grizzly units. Suggested areas to consider include the northern portion of Ochoco unit in Bridge Creek, Pisgah Mountain, Keeton Creek, and Rock Creek; and Bear and Trout Creeks in the Grizzly unit.

Valley Quail and Chukar: Opportunities are limited for chukar, with the best chances on steeper canyon areas associated with the John Day, Crooked, and Deschutes Rivers.  Valley quail are present in all three units, particularly in more agricultural areas around streams, ponds, and other wet areas. Concentrations of birds will generally be near or on private lands where permission from the landowner is necessary.
Ducks/Geese: At this time most birds are resident birds using local reservoirs, ponds, and water bodies.  Most birds are around private land where permission from the owner is needed. 

Chukar releases on Lower Klamath Hills regulated hunt area are done for the season. Quail hunting on public land and private land (with permission). Duck hunting is moderate on rivers.